This shortcode allows you to create dynamic countdowns that can help you promote events, like marathons, sport days or whatever you like. You can customize counter by changing values and adjust version to specific background. So don't wait much longer, check it out!

[vc_wtr_icon circle=”off” circle_style=”1″ version=”wtrShtIcoStandard” type_icon=”directional|fa fa-angle-down” color=”#ffffff” align=”center” size=”50″ float=”none” animate=”none” delay=”0″]

Countdown to our Zumba marathon!

[vc_wtr_countdown version=”wtrShtCountdownStandard” year=”2016″ month=”0″ day=”13″ hour=”9″ minute=”50″]

Countdown to our sport event!

[vc_wtr_countdown version=”wtrShtCountdownLight ” year=”2015″ month=”0″ day=”13″ hour=”9″ minute=”50″]